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About Us

Company Overview

Committed to bringing reggae music to the world in a positive way. We have a tested and versatile team of selecta’s, VJ’s and DJ’s with on-air personalities that will make you laugh, inspire you to think outside the box and uplift you in a positive way. Beginning with Irie Heights and ending with Over night Movements each night.  We have talk shows and web-series in production, so you will find all you need – including segments on health, finance, life, spirituality, culture, entertainment and heritage.

A Word from the Producer

Roots Reggae Hub is committed to bringing you positive and cultural vibes 24/7 on the digital airwaves.  Providing you with all your online entertainment needs, live streamed events, artist releases, reggae news updates and VOD. If you love reggae you’ve come to the right place.  We will uplift your inner spirit with our programming and make your experience entertaining all year round.  Our international reggae family is the inspiration that drives us to reach out as a voice for the reggae community.  All radio shows, web-series and live streamed content consists of current media topics and international reggae events, that will engage you on all levels. To submit your content visit our contact page for details.  For up to date news on the launch of our digital store and subscription based programming subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Mission Statement

“The Centre for Reggae Music World Wide”

Company Background

Starting with a dream Roots Reggae Hub was conceptualized so that people may be uplifted through the natural mystic of music. We are changing the face of online broadcasting of today.  Bringing online entertainment to a higher heights by utilizing the interactivity with our audience.   Our main goal is to represent the Canadian Reggae Artists and provide a platform for promotion.  Reggae has been a part of life in Africa and the Caribbean for centuries and has spread in popularity around the world.  People all over the globe enjoy reggae.  Roots Reggae Hub –  INTERNATIONAL REGGAE MASSIVE – family!

Roots Reggae Hub brings subscribers the live-streamed experience – of as many annual international reggae festivals as possible. Roots Reggae Hub – Radio provides an interactive experience for artists to collaborate within the Roots Reggae Hub social media platform visit Roots Reggae Hub here to learn more.  Here fans can connect with their favourite artists, VJs and DJ’s/ Selecta’s by joining via membership .  We are committed to bringing forward a positive movement in reggae music to the masses by highlighting today’s new artists and honouring the veterans.

Roots Reggae Hub – 24/7 Digital Radio

You can subscribe to 24/7 reggae music to uplift your spirit and soothe your soul. Check out our live to air stream – you can count on the latest in music and current events with 115 countries tuning in around the world.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor email:  info@rootsreggaeradio.com