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The Bee Leaf Book Launch

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The Bee Leaf Book Launch


–Review by Sharon Wickham

The Bee Leaf, is a ground breaking coming of age book that has incorporated layers of authentic metaphors that relate to mother and daughter relations during that transitional time into womanhood.

A time where a mother and a daughter can grow ill relations just because a mother wants to shelter her daughter or when daughters can rebel simply to define their independence, The Bee Leaf teaches how to allow our daughters to graciously step out in self confidence as young women.

The Bee Leaf hones an intricate symbolic colourful collage of art images thoughtfully created by Toronto Native author and illustrator Karee Shea Walker. Karee has purposed to use empowering West African symbols of Adinkra that stimulate self knowledge that represent and educate a stringent African family values.  It would be great to see a male chapter of this book as it shifts the general perspective of coming of age and strategically demonstrates the value of the Village that aid in the development of our children into young adults.

I recommend this book for all parents with daughters that are of African descent. The Bee Leaf is a literary artistic masterpiece that belongs on the coffee table of every home. Saturday September 26th be a part of the celebration of The Bee Leaf book launch.

For more info visit www.kareativeinterlude.ca Congratulation Karee, Thank you for following your vision!

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